Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beach Photography!

Hi guys! Recently I went to different beaches and the views were amazing! I decided to show you some of my taste in photography. I haven't put any of my photos in posts so I tried it out. I hope you like it!

View from the top

Going down a long way of stairs
(Seriously the stairs were so long that it made my thighs burn)

Enjoying some part of the harbor

Just look! Ahh, the beautiful sunset!

Taking some shots of myself. lol

Another amazing view of the beach.

The other side of the sunset.

Feeling the chilly breeze

So that's it! I really enjoyed hanging out with my family and seeing the sunset and waves. I loved it and definitely recommend to go to the beach if you have some time. I love going to the beach seeing all the people and different sights of nature. I had a blast! I hope you guys liked my photography! 

If you liked my pictures please feel free to tell me in the comments and maybe I could put more photos in my posts!

See ya, 
   Sarah : )

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  1. Great pictures Sarah! The beach is beautiful.

    1. Thanks you so much Sofia! And yes, the view was just refreshing. lol. XD

  2. Omg Sarah that looks like Catalina Island like for realz! I went there over Thanksgiving Break and when I saw the pictures I thought you were there too! Anyways, nice pics!

  3. Aw...your blog is adorable :) I love your pictures Sarah, you are very talented! Keep up the great work with blogging, I started blogging when I was around 11 and I have been doing it for like 6 years now :) It's an awesome thing to keep doing and you can continue to look back on how much you have improved!
    Your blog design is so cute as well!

    1. Thanks you so much Lauren! I am 11 right now and I started last year. Wow, you have had a lot of experience with blogging. I am glad you are still doing it!