Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Years Vacation: Solvang!!

Hi guys! First of all, happy New Years! I hope you had a great year and now we are on a fresh start. Let's make this year a great one! One goal I had for the new year was to go to at least two places I have never been before. It didn't have to be out of country or state, as long as it was a fun place to be and somewhere my family and I haven't been. And as you can see by the title of this post, I did go somewhere! It was a blast. My family and I went to Solvang and Ventura beach. Solvang is a Danish Village nearby Santa Barbara. Solvang ,people say is "The Danish Capital of America". This city looks and makes you feel like you are in Denmark, which is awesome. I took some pictures so you can see! (Sorry if some of the pictures look scattered on the page. There was no other way to place them on the page.) Anyway, lets's get on to the pictures!

Solvang is beautiful at night!



light and fluffy....mmmmm delicious

Solvang is know for its many Danish pastries

This is the Solvang clock tower
See,, doesn't it look like you are in another place of the world??

Ohh.. the windmills are soo cool to see
Some other Danish styled buildings

More of the wonderful built city of Solvang

I don't understand this..

Thats just some of the pictures I took at Solvang. But I couldn't put more because then the page is going to be filled. At least you got to see some of the awesome shots of Solvang. I also went to the beach for my New Years vacation. I wanted you guys to enjoy just Solvang pictures in this post so I will post my beach photos next time. I hope you guys loved this pics and got to see the beauty of Solvang. It was really great to see and taste the Danish culture and architecture. It was a spectacular time with my family and a great way to spend the New Year!

Tell me in the comments which one was your favorite picture.

See ya,
       Sarah  :)
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